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IN46 /
MAN M 14.264 4x4 CC
IN46 / MAN  M 14.264 4x4 CC
  --- SYNOPSIS ---
Opportunity …

The ideal vehicle for 2 to 4 people
to make your dream of a world trip become true!

Attractive interior with every conceivable equipment—inclusive motorcycle.

Safe 2 years of design, construction, and testing.
Built to the exacting standards of the world-class UNICAT engineering team,
this "Home on Wheels" is like new and is ready for your immediate occupancy.

You don’t need to be an experienced expedition traveler.
We will support you to whatever level you want.

  • MAN M2000 14.264 LAEC 4x4
  • Crew cab
  • Wheel base 4100 mm (161.4”)
  • Engine performance 191 kW / 260 hp, Euro 2
  • Manual 16-speed transmission
  • Transfer case with off-road gear reduction
  • Front wheel drive engageable
  • Differential lock in front and rear axle
  • Parabolic leaf springs
  • Additional air suspension for rear axle
  • Drum brakes with ABS
  • 4 x wheels Michelin XZL 395/85 R 20 tubeless
  • 1 x spare wheel Michelin XZL 395/85 R 20 tubeless
  • 2 chamber fuel tanks, capacity 650 liters (171.7 US gallons)
  • Fuel prefilter with water separator
  • Roof rack with branch guard, platform for spare wheel & hoist
  • 4 additional lights on roof rack
  • 2 working lights sideways
  • Light guards front
  • Truck horns
  • Hydraulic winch rear/front
  • Additional safety locks for drivers cab
  • 2 air suspended seats
  • Back bench converts to additional bed
  • Integrated air conditioning
  • Electronic immobilizer
  • ETA-automatic cutoff
  • Sound-system with MP3 / CD-player
  • 2 satellite navigations (GPS)
  • Zarges aluminum storage box bolted onto the roof rack
  • Loading platform for motorbike
    Outer dimensions of the cabin
  • Length 4630 mm (182.2”), width 2400 mm (94.4”), height 2055 mm (80.9”)

    Inner dimensions of the cabin
  • Length 4510 mm (177.5”), width 2280 mm (89.7”), height 1900 mm (74.8”)

    Frame assembly
  • 3-point kinematic attachment with main and flex mounts
    for stress-free body coupling to the torsion elastic chassis frame

    Body unit construction
  • Self supporting UNICAT sandwich plate panels of fiberglass composite
  • Wall thickness 60 mm (2.36”) with polyurethane foam insulation, 3 mm (0.12”) FRP outer surface, 2 mm (0.08”) FRP inner surface, insulation rating 0.44 W/m2 K (0.078 Btu/ft2 hr °F)
  • Matched thermal coefficients of expansion prevent distortion with changes in temperature
  • Panel connections made by adhesive bond to custom extrusions
    eliminates metallic heat conduction paths
  • Bottom panel with integrated welded steel frame and FRP surfaces

    Access to drivers cab
  • Highly flexible waterproof bellows coupling
  • Access closable with roller shutter

    Entrance door and storage compartment doors
  • Entrance door and storage compartment door
    constructed of fiberglass composite panels and frames
  • Thickness of doors 60 mm (2.36”)
  • Double sealed doors with heavy duty locks with seal compression
  • Additional retractable bolts at top and bottom of entrance door
  • Safety cylinder locks all keyed alike

  • Burglarproof, scratchproof top-hinged windows with fiberglass frames
  • Double insulated thermal window glass
  • Black-out and mosquito blinds

  • Burglarproof skylight with aluminum frame and mosquito net
  • 12 mm acrylic glass
  • Double seals
Interior layout
    Seating area
  • Seating area for 4-6 persons, with swiveling table on pedestal in the front of the cabin
  • Seating unit converts to bed, size: 1300 mm x 2000 mm (51.1” x 78.7”)

  • Double bed with slatted frame and comfortable mattress in the rear on pedestal
  • Size: 1400 mm x 2000 mm (55.1” x 78.7”)

    Sanitary room
  • Separate shower and toilet rooms with doors to isolate from living area
  • Cupboard with wash basin
  • Wall cupboard with mirror above the basin

  • Countertop with integrated sink
  • 2 electric hot plates and 3-flame gas-cooker
  • Microwave with oven
  • 197 liters (52 US gallons) fridge with freezer rated 3 stars
  • Separation for tableware, cookware and kitchen appliances
  • Overhead cupboards above kitchen

  • Wardrobe
  • Wardrobe and overhead cupboards in bed area
  • Storage boxes in sleeping area
  • Storage space in seating benches
  • Large outside storage compartment under the bed pedestal
  • Aluminum exterior storage boxes

  • All furniture is built to the highest cabinetmaking standard,
    made of wood core plywood using heavy duty locks and hinges
  • White surfaces and teak edges

  • Teak floor
  • Walls and ceiling are painted with multiple coats
  • Upholstery made of Alcantara
Technical equipment
    Electrical equipment
  • Control panel for power management and monitoring of liquid levels
  • Battery main switch, fault current breaker, safety cutout
  • DC power supplied by AGM battery bank
  • Battery capacity: 24 V – 450 Ah
  • Charged by vehicle’s alternator with charge distributor
  • AC-DC charger: 12 V – 50 A
  • Inverter 12 V / 230 V AC, peak output 3 kW
  • International shore power connectors 230 V and 115 V AC (50-60 Hz)
  • Power plugs for 12 V DC and 230 V AC
  • Solar power system

  • Water-cooled Fischer-Panda diesel generator with 1-cylinder diesel engine
  • Performance: 3.2 kW

    Music system
  • Stereo music system with CD player and MP3-input
  • Satellite TV system

  • Low voltage XELOGEN ceiling lights above the table, kitchen, bed, toilet room, and shower
  • Reading lights in bed and seating area
  • Lights for outside storage compartment

    Water supply
  • 400 liters (105.6 US gallons) freeze-proof drinking water tanks
  • 22 liters (5.8 US gallons) hot water heat-exchanger
  • All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing
  • Waste water tank, capacity 100 liters (26.4 US gallons), freeze-proof
  • City water connector
  • Outside shower
  • Water filtration system

    LPG supply
  • 2 x 11 kg LPG bottles in sealed LPG compartment

  • Porcelain vacuum toilet with water flushing
  • Sewage holding tank, capacity 60 liters (15.8 US gallons)

    Heating system
  • Diesel powered warm water central heating (10 kW),
    with engine preheating system and drivers cab preheating system
  • Connection of heating system with the engine cooling system through a heat exchanger,
    to heat the body and hot water tank from engine's waste heat
  • High radiant heat share due to radiators in living area and sanitary room
  • Antifrost system

  • Extended air conditioning to cool the cabin while engine is running, performance 3 kW
  • Movement-activated washing machine
  • Safe
  • Central vacuum
  • Mounting for sand ladders, incl. sand ladders
  • Loading platform with Yamaha YT600 motorbike
General information
  • 25,794.05 lbs (11,700 kg)

    Overall dimensions
  • Length 7450 mm (293.3”), width 2400 mm (94.4”), height 3600 mm (141.7”)
  • Additional length of motorcycle rack: 1000 mm (39.3”)

    General condition
  • Year of manufacture: 1998
  • Mileage: 71,768.37 mls (115,500 km)
  • Third owner
  • Very good condition, very well looked-after
  • MAN service
  • Available for your immediate use

  • S O L D

  • VAT not deductible
  • Vehicle immatriculation charges depend on local requirements and are not included
  • Selling on customer's order

    Vehicle location
    76706 Dettenheim

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